Kalorik® Home HUVI R1 2 Sets of 6 Arm Brushes - (2L/2R)

SKU: VCP 51013
Kalorik® Home HUVI® R1 Complete Refresh Kit 6 Arm Brushes (2L/2R)

Kalorik® Home HUVI R1 2 Sets of 6 Arm Brushes - (2L/2R)

SKU: VCP 51013
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  • Refresh your robot vacuum with these 6-arm replacement brushes
  • 4-Piece set comes with 2 sets of 6-arm brushes, including two left-side brushes and two right-side brushes
  • Brushes can be changed every 6 months, or as needed
  • 6-arm brushes are designed for hard floors and whole-room carpeting
  • Brushes provide efficient deep cleaning and greater lifting power for dust and hair
  • Nylon material for best performance
  • Brushes compatible with the HUVI Robot Vacuum

Maintain maximum purity in your home by refreshing and replenishing your HUVI robot vacuum. The Kalorik® Home 4-Piece 6-Arm Brush Replacement Set for HUVI Robot Vacuum includes two sets of left and right brushes, for a total of four 6-arm brushes. HUVI includes two brush types designed to adapt to different surfaces. The 6-arm brush is ideal for hard floors and whole-room carpeting permanently fixed onto the floor. The 6-arm design provides greater lifting power for dust and hair, delivering more efficient deep cleaning across these surfaces. HUVI brushes are made of nylon for best performance. It is recommended to clean HUVI's brushes roughly once a month, with regular use of your robot vacuum. You can replace the brushes approximately every six months, or as needed, depending on usage and individual cleaning needs. HUVI delivers three stages of floor-to-ceiling clean, tackling life’s everyday messes, and ensuring healthy, breathable air without you ever lifting a finger.

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Enjoy the benefits of healthy breathable air. A medical-grade true HEPA 13 filter traps 99.95% of pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander.


A patent UVC light inside the dustbin helps sanitizes 99% of viruses and bacteria, disinfecting collected contents while HUVI® cleans so you can empty your dustbin without recirculating germs back into your home.


Bipolar ionizer technology sends positive and negative ions into the air which break down and neutralize airborne pathogens, causing them to fall and get vacuumed up by HUVI®


Removable Li-ion battery pack with overcharge protection - Up to 40 Minutes of sustained performance


2500PA high-velocity suction power loosens, lifts, and removes debris from floors and carpets with ease.


Mist on or mist off, the HUVI® aroma diffuser offers the option to mist your home with gentle fragrance.

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