7 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes You Want to Make this Food Allergy Awareness Month

Getting started on a gluten-free diet, but not sure where to begin? Gluten-free diets don't need to be boring! Bring satisfaction to your heart and your belly this Food Allergy Awareness Month with this collection of mouthwatering, gluten-free recipes... so scrumptious even wheat eaters won't notice the difference!

Buffalo Wings with Homemade Ranch Dipping Sauce
Buffalo Wings with Homemade Ranch Dipping SauceThis gluten-free Buffalo Wings Recipe with Homemade Ranch Sauce is finger-lickin’ good! Cooked to perfection in your Kalorik Air Fryer Oven, achieving that golden, crispy deliciousness you love without the added oil! Toss air-fried cauliflower in the same buffalo sauce to for a vegetarian twist. Top it off with our Homemade Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce... you'll never guess it's low fat! 

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs with the Kalorik Egg Cooker

Make this delectably EGGS-cellent appetizer anytime, thanks to your Kalorik Egg Cooker. This easy Deviled Eggs recipe is quick and requires just a few simple ingredients to make! Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, chock-full of protein and other essential nutrients that power you through your day, making them an EGGS-traordinary choice for a gluten-free dieter. Devilishly delicious, this bite-sized snack is sure to get the party started on your taste buds. 

Vegan Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese
Vegan and Gluten Free Mac & Cheese with Kalorik Pressure Cooker
Crafted for vegans and gluten-free eaters alike, this Vegan, Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese is truly destined to please. Tender gluten-free shells are tossed in a creamy plant-based “cheese” sauce, resulting in a silky, savory concoction of dairy-free deliciousness. This is a great choice for catering to even the most restrictive diets, and can be a staple side dish for any dinner. Make it for yourself in the Kalorik 6 Quart 10-in-1 Multi Use Pressure Cooker.

Zucchini Waffles
Zucchini Waffles
These savory, flavorful Zucchini Waffles make for an excellent low-carb snack. Baked to a beautiful golden crisp in your Kalorik Belgian Waffle Maker, this is a "waffly" great breakfast for a gluten-free dieter. With only 6 ingredients needed, these easy-to-make waffles come together in no time! Plus, they're quite attractive and colorful on a brunch spread, and are delicious when served with tzatziki sauce for dipping. Chef's tip: freeze your leftover waffles and reheat them to enjoy later. 

A Buncha-Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
Gluten-free eaters will go B-A-N-A-N-A-S over this pancake recipe created by Chef Jamie Gwen. These Buncha-Bananas Pancakes are gluten-free, grain-free, and most importantly, guilt-free! What a great way to use up those aging bananas. We hope you find making this delicious breakfast is as a-PEEL-ing as it is easy! Make them yourself with the Kalorik Black Diamond Electric Griddle.

Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Cookies
Gluten Free  Salted Caramel Cookies with Florida Crystals Sugar and the Kalorik Digital Kitchen Scale
Looking for a treat that’s salty and sweet? A solidly delicious gluten-free dessert can be hard to come by, thankfully these Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Cookies are bursting with caramel and a delightful sea-salt crunch in every bite. Sweetened with organic Florida Crystals Organic Raw Cane Sugar, no palate will notice these heavenly cookies are gluten-free! Weigh out your measurements to exact proportions with the Kalorik Digital Kitchen Scale and get precisely delicious results every time.
Berry Delicious Breakfast Smoothie
Green Smoothie in the Kalorik High-Powered Blender
A smoothie so delicious your head will spin! Sip on this nutrient-packed, refreshing Berry Breakfast Smoothie for breakfast or as a snack. Here's how to make this gluten-free treat in your Kalorik High-Powered Blender.

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