Lean, Mean, Best Grilling Machine — The Steakhouse Grill is Back!

The long-awaited return of the Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill is finally here, and it’s time to up the ante! After consistently flying-off-the-shelves, the heat-packing Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill is back with more sizzle than ever...and just in time for summer. Thanks to this professional indoor grill, you don’t have to be a five-star chef to cook premium-quality steakhouse dinners. Take advantage of the extra time at home, and enjoy fine steakhouse dining in the luxury of your kitchen.

Backyard BBQ’s are Cute — the Steakhouse Grill is HOT 

The Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill makes any other BBQ suddenly seem amateur. With innovative gas-free technology, the Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill reaches a sizzling 1500°F to grill culinary-grade steaks in minutes. Maximum heat exposure and ceramic superheating elements create the perfect sear, giving steak that distinct savory taste, crisp caramelized crust, and juicy, succulent interior. You would never guess it was cooked at home!  

Top Down, Level-Up

The Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill features a special top-down design which is engineered to produce perfectly-caramelized, flavor-packed steaks. In contrast with a conventional grill where the heat emanates from the bottom up, the Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill works like a salamander-style broiler. The heat source comes from above, which melts the fat atop the meat to form a protective layer of crust. This seals in moisture and juiciness to insulate meat and prevent it from overcooking. Plus, you won't lose any ounce of deliciousness, as the included drip pan collects all the rich, flavorful juices that drip from your food, great for making sauces and stocks to serve with your favorite proteins and sides.

Real Grill Legends Prefer PRO

If it’s grill-worthy, then it’s worth grilling right. Kalorik PRO users know that better than anyone. Join the many satisfied customers — their reviews speak for themselves.

Kenny J. says…


“This grill is perfection and satisfaction all rolled up in one for any true grill master.”

Michael D. says... 


It’s everything that they claim, charred up 2 filet mignons 2 minutes, on each side, perfect, rare, juicy, Ultimately delicious, great, well made product, I am throwing my bbq in the trash!!!

Anthony B. says…


Makes a fantastic, Caramelized, and juicy steak. Additionally cleanup is a breeze!

Mark G. says….


This is the best appliance I’ve ever purchased, it actually does what it says it’s going to do. Makes a steakhouse quality steak with the perfect sear. I Highly recommend this grill if you can’t grill outdoors!

Angie B. says…


You can use lower levels to cook quickly and upper to sear. I can make a pork tenderloin in under ten minutes.

Joseph W. says…


I bought one and absolutely love it. The char, sear, and crust you can get on steaks, chops, and burgers is by far better than trying to replicate with cast iron or an oven. It’s almost up there with an outdoor grill. I use it for all my steaks, chops, kebabs, and burgers now. I live in an apartment and a grill is a no no. This is the next best thing. It’s a must buy if you’re wanting to replicate steakhouse quality. Especially if you sous-vide your steaks like I do.

More Than Just Steak

The Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill is more than just a steak-searing powerhouse. From appetizers and side dishes, to proteins and desserts, this versatile indoor grill offers a wide variety of menu options, allowing you to cook a complete, five-star restaurant meal with a single appliance. Aside from steak, the Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill makes superb burgers, pork chops, chicken, fish, and veggies, and even caramelized desserts like crème brûlée and bread pudding.

Mouthwatering Main Courses

Looking for some delectable recipes to get you started? Try this succulent Rib Eye Steak recipe and enjoy thick, juicy, rib-eye steaks in minutes. You’re likely to drool over these Pork Chop Filets and Steakhouse Grill Lamb Chops. Got any seafood lovers at the table? Serve up some phenomenal grilled Tuna Steaks or classic Grilled Salmon filets. Finally, round out your meal with some delicious steakhouse sidekicks like our Grilled Asparagus, Squash and Chestnut Salad or Stuffed Tomatoes with Brioche, Ham, and Cheese.

Indulgent Desserts 

To properly close your meal, why not wow your guests with a delicious caramelized dessert? Real vanilla beans and caramelized sugar make this exquisite Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée a true, tastebud-pleasing delight. For a family-friendly treat, check out these decadent S’mores Pots which put a sophisticated twist on a campfire classic. Or, whip up this French Toast Bread Pudding with Seasonal Fruit recipe which doubles down as both dessert and breakfast. Tailored exclusively for the Kalorik PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill, these chef-inspired recipes are simply to die for!

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