Perfect Gifts That Match Your Valentine's Love Language

As Valentine’s Day nears, we take the opportunity to appreciate the unique and magnificent experience that is: love. Our love language is the means through which we express our care for one another, how we are able to give and receive this adoration — words of affirmation, gifts, generous acts & services, quality time, and physical touch, are all the elemental ways to express our sentiment. Surely though, what makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside is different for everybody. So learning your partner’s love language is key! Whether you’re shopping for your romantic partner, child, parent, friend, or even yourself, finding a gift that will speak to that person in their own native love language is the fastest way to earn their heart. 


Comfort Food is My Love Language 

A recipe for everlasting love: psychologists say food is actually one of the most powerful and limitless love languages. That’s because it incorporates all of our senses at once, all the while skillfully pulling the strings of our emotional hearts. To win the heart of this type of lover, give the gift of restaurant-quality comfort food at home.


Wellness is My Love Language 

For those inclined toward a healthy, active lifestyle, a gift that is mindful of your loved one’s well being is a wonderful and thoughtful way to show them how much you care about them. An air fryer is a superb present for the health-minded individual, as it allows them to create healthy, low-fat meals in minutes. Another great option for best partners to an active lifestyle, Kalorik blenders whip up nutritious smoothies and shakes in seconds. Or, why not give a steamer? A steamer locks in all your food’s nutritional value while producing evenly-cooked results every time.


Breakfast is My Love Language

You don’t have to tell breakfast lovers what the most important meal of the day is. Fill their morning with joy, and let them wake up in their happy place every day! Kalorik’s line of breakfast appliances make mornings easier and more delicious than ever, and offer a variety of ways to start the day with a satisfied, happy stomach. The following gift ideas are sure-fire ways to steal the heart of a breakfast lover:


Coffee is My Love Language 

There’s no shortage of this kind of Java-talkin’ folk out there. Though, coffee drinkers tend to be quite particular when it comes to their cup-o-joe ritual — down to every last detail! So what should you get for the coffee enthusiast in your life? Kalorik has a variety of coffee themed appliances that will impress even the most discerning of coffee lovers. Here are some fan favorites that are sure to score you some points on Valentine’s day:


Wine is My Love Language 

If your special someone is fluent in wine, surprise them with an innovative vino-themed gift this Valentine’s Day. And we don’t mean just another bottle of wine! Shop the Kalorik wine bar collection of appliances to really wow them with something out of the ordinary. With a variety of personalized features to suit your individual preferences, these top gift picks will inspire your loved one to crack open their favorite red or white, and celebrate with countless happy hours ahead. 

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