6 Scary-Good Recipes to Spook Up Your Halloween

The spookiest time of the year is upon us, and if you’re like most Hollow’s eve hosts, you’ve been preparing for your shindig for weeks. After crafting costumes for your little monsters, and decorating your haunted house, we know you’ll appreciate these crowd-spooking Halloween recipes. These six creepy creations are scary-easy to make...and wickedly delicious to devour.

No Tricks, Just Brownie Treats

No tricks, just treat yourself to these MAXX made brownies. Bring your brownie monsters to life by decorating with Halloween-themed sprinkles and googly eyes. When you’re done, satisfy your sweet tooth with one (or all) of your spooky-good desserts!
Double, Double, Toil and “Truffle” Bats

“Double, Double, Toil and Truffle!” Your tastebuds will go choco-loco for these vegan, bite-sized treats. Simple and spooky, this 5-ingredient recipe is made with coconut milk, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, salt, powdered sugar, and a sprinkle of salt. Whip these Double, Double, Toil and "Truffle" Bats up in no time using the Kalorik Bartista.

Witches "Brew" 

Bust out your brooms, it’s witching hour! Use your Kalorik Bartista to conjure up this bewitching “brew” of hot cocoa, made from real chocolate and rich milk and studded with jumbo marshmallows. Serve this Decadent Hot Chocolate in your cauldron to complete the look! Replace with plant-based milk for a vegan twist! Parent tip: add your favorite coffee liqueur to give yourself a treat. 

Creepy Crawler Peanut Butter Cookies

Oh my goodness, these Creepy Crawler Peanut Butter Cookies are simply the cutest! Start with scrumptious, fresh-baked Peanut Butter Cookies made in your Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven. Melt chocolate in your Kalorik Bartista to draw the bug’s body and legs, and add candy eyes to complete the creepy crawler’s cute little face. 

Finally, “wrap up” your menu with these last 3 mummy-rific bites:

Spook-tacular Mummy Cake Pops

“Wrap up” your menu with these adorable mummy cake pops made in the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven. Start with this delicious MAXX Cake Pop recipe. Then, simply dip your prepared cake pops in vanilla frosting until well-coated. Draw little lines around your cake pops using a decorating pen, and stud with sprinkles to make the mummy’s eyes.

Scary and Savory Mini Mummy Pizzas  

Another bite of savory goodness to add to your Halloween party menu: these Mummy English Muffin Pizzas can be thrown together in less than 10 minutes. Just top English muffins with your favorite tomato sauce, then overlap strips of mozzarella cheese to look like mummy bandages. They look awesome and taste absolutely yummy!

Monster Mummy Meatballs

Get a protein boost before the candy rush! These Air-Fried Mummy Meatballs are as nutritious as they are delicious. Start with pre-made crescent roll dough and use a knife cutter to cut it into strips. Wrap one piece of dough around each frozen meatball to look like a bandage. Then air fry at 330ºF for 9 minutes until light golden brown and delicious!  

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