Top Father’s Day Gifts On Sale Right Now

Father’s day is fast approaching, and if your dad is like most, all he wants to do is to kick back on the couch with a stomach full of delicious food and his favorite drink, surrounded by family and loved ones. So what do you give to the man that has everything? Dads can be one of the hardest family members to shop for. With so many interests, eccentric hobbies, and particular tastes, it can be hard to find a gift he’ll actually like — let alone, one he doesn’t already own. For the undecided Father’s Day shopper, we’ve compiled a list of the best outside-the-box Kalorik gifts that are sure to impress the man in your life.

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Kalorik® Hot Stone Pizza Oven, Red $169.99 $149.99

Bite into the cheesy, bubbling goodness and heavenly crunch of authentic brick oven-style pizza! This countertop oven makes perfect crisp-crust pizza at home. The Kalorik® Hot Stone Pizza Oven features dual heating elements and a built-in baking stone to guarantee a crispy crust and perfectly melted finish every time. From Chicago style deep dish to classic New York thin crust, the adjustable temperature control provides a variety of pizza types to try. Get creative with a variety of menu options – this versatile oven is also great for flatbreads, pita, naan, paratha, tortillas, and even scallion pancakes.Now you can get the Kalorik Shoe Polisher for just $99.99!

Kalorik Cobra Series 8" Chef, 5.5" Prep, 3.5" Paring Knife set $74.99 $49.99 

Experience the superior cutting performance of Cobra knives. These knives are hand-forged from a single bar of Japanese high-carbon carbon stainless steel, the top choice of professionals everywhere who seek precision and durability. Thanks to Cobra, this craftmanship is now available to home chefs like you.

The 8" chef knife is truly versatile. Dice an onion, slice sage, cube butternut squash, supreme an orange, or cut up an entire chicken. The 5.5" prep knife is the home chef’s best friend. It can peel and chop vegetables and fruit, like cucumbers and apples, slice meat like pepperoni, and artisanal cheeses like French brie. It can also be used for tasks that require precision such as deveining shrimp. The 3.5" paring knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables and other intricate work such as removing seeds, skinning, or cutting small garnishes. You can peel a lemon for zest, remove its skin, and use as a garnish. 

Kalorik Indoor Smokeless Grill $169.99 $149.99 

For the grill-master dads out there: with this electric indoor grill, you can enjoy the smoky, outdoor flavor of backyard BBQ eats — all year round. The Kalorik Indoor Smokeless Grill  features gas-free technology and a built-in smoke-extraction fan, letting Dad grill all his favorite BBQ meals safely indoors with less smoke and odors. This tabletop grill is perfect for burgers, steaks, chicken, shrimp, veggies, and more. It quickly heats up to the optimal searing temperature of 460°F, while the removable, dishwasher-safe grill plate allows for effortless, stick-free grilling. You can’t go wrong!

Kalorik® 2-in-1 Wine Opener and Preserver, Stainless Steel $64.99 

Open your wine in style and keep it tasting fresh with this sleek and sophisticated must-have for the modern wine enthusiast. The Kalorik® 2-in-1 Wine Opener and Preserver seamlessly opens and reseals bottles of wine to keep them fresh for longer. Its special 2-in-1 design features an opener on one end, and a preserver on the other. The preserver vacuum seals opened bottles to prevent oxidation and keep your wine delicious for days. The device features brushed stainless steel housing and a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism which lights up blue when in use. Best of all, you can get this high-end, free-standing wine cellar on sale now for $49.99! 

Kalorik Professional Style Food Slicer $129.99 $99.99

Don’t let dad overpay for pre-sliced cheeses and cold cuts. Now he can slice his own delicatessen-style meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit — quickly and easily. The Kalorik Professional Style Food Slicer features variable thickness control, allowing him to adjust his cuts exactly to his liking: from from deli-thin (1/32") to rustic thick (1/2"). It can handle a wide range of food shapes and sizes, while depth control and a high-power 180-watt gear motor deliver commercial-grade performance. For added security, the unit may be set to “safe mode” when not in use.




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