The perfect all-in-one spring lunch or dinner, over a bed of arugula or greens or even sliced tomatoes…. These skewers are outrageously delicious, and they cook in the air fryer in just 10 minutes!


1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary
1-pound fresh swordfish, cut into 1½ -inch cubes
3 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto
1 small loaf of ciabatta or rustic bread, cut into 1½-inch cubes
Salt & freshly ground pepper
Four 8-inch wooden or metal skewers

Equipment: Kalorik MAXX® 16 Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven or Kalorik MAXX® Plus 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer and Mad Hungry as Seen on TV 4-Piece Acacia Wood Spurtle 


1. Combine the olive oil and rosemary in a mixing bowl and season liberally with salt and pepper. Add the swordfish cubes and toss to coat well. Allow the fish to marinate for 10 minutes.

2. To make the skewers, add the bread cubes to the swordfish just before you’re ready to assemble, and toss to coat.

3. Cut each piece of prosciutto in half and fold each of the halves into a fan, overlapping. Thread a fan fold of prosciutto onto a skewer, then thread a cube of swordfish, then a cube of bread and repeat to create skewers with 2 pieces of swordfish and 2 pieces of bread each. Repeat using the remaining ingredients to make 4 skewers total.

4. Place the skewers in your air fryer and cook at 380ºF for 10 minutes.

4 servings

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