The Healthiest Jasmine & Rose Hip Green Tea

1 bag, Jasmine Green Tea
1 teaspoon loose Rose Hips
16 ounces Water
1.In the carafe of your Kalorik Kettle add 16oz of water and click tab to start. 2.While your kettle comes to a boil prepare your favorite teapot, adding a bag of jasmine tea and a single teaspoon of loose rosehips; you can combine the teas in a tea sieve if you prefer.
3.Once the water has come to a boil, slowly add the hot water to your teapot. Allow tea too steep for 3-5 minutes or until as strong as you like.
4.Pour hot tea into your favorite teacup and enjoy!!
1- servings
Chef’s Tip:
Save any leftover tea and serve over ice for a delightful afternoon treat!

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